Best project management applications

There are many project management softwares on the market and features look alike.

It’s important to know how different those features are and what’s the real cost for a team.

Features comparison


Task managementCreate and organize your tasks

Task customizationCreate types of tasks based on your team’s discipline

Goals managementAn independent goal tracking system

Recurrent goalsRecurrent individual and collective goals

Multi KanbanVisualize in real time all your projects on a single workspace

Multiteam coordinationDynamic coordination between multiple teams

Time trackingTrack time spent working on your tasks

Time estimationEstimate tasks duration and compare it to actual times

Custom fieldsCreate custom fields in tasks

Clients and external teamsInvite external teams to collaborate within your projects.

StatusUpdate tasks’ status based on their progresses.

File StorageStarting at 250GB

Advanced reportsAnalytics to analyze your workflow and optimize.

Real Cost

Below are some common features normally declared as “premium”:

CalendarStarting at 5.00/month per user
File storageStarting at 12.50/month per user
Custom fieldsStarting at 19.90/month per user
Roles and PermissionsStarting at 24.80/month per user
Goals’ trackingStarting at 6.00/month per user
That’s $477.40/month for 7 users.
Kantask is $49/month for 7 users and includes all these features.

Kantask Vs.

AsanaUnlike Kantask, Asana requires a fair bit of custom fields and premium features to get some depth.
JiraJira is great for engineers. Kantask is a multidisciplinary tool to gather engineers and generalists around a common workspace.
BasecampBasecamp is excellent for daily tasks and short cycle projects, but it looses focus when you’re working on multiple projects with different timeframes.
WrikeWrike is a rich software. Problem is they are expensive. It will cost at least $24.80 per user per month – and much more – to start getting the best features.
TrelloTrello and Kantask use Kanban as a visualization methodology (invented by the Japaneses). In Kantask we believe it’s more effective to see all your related projects on a single workspace.
SmartsheetSmartsheet and Kantask are two different animals. One focuses on calculations, the other on building high performing teams.
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