Goal-based culture for teams
What is most important for the next three month?
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  • Link your tasks to individual or collective goals
Key features to track what matters most

Goals should be a central element of any team’s culture and they should be visible, always. Kantask uses Kanban for tasks, and for goals. You see the big picture, you visualize and share all dimensions of your progress: Tasks, Projects and Goals.

Your strategy

Kantask gives you a tool to set your goals, but you choose the strategy that fits your team’s culture. You may want to use a BSQ, OKR or SMART goal setting methodology. Kantask is flexible enough to support them all.


Measure success based on which goals were reached on time, late or those that failed. Enter into details by analyzing key tasks linked to your goals and start improving how you set new goals.

And much more
Recurring goals

Make a goal a recurring event every quarter, semester or year. Or select custom dates to start and finish.

Types of Goals

Kantask is totally flexible. In Kantask you can define any type of goal, from quantified objectives to broader aspirational missions.


Assign tasks related to goals to internal or external members to keep them permanently informed of what’s next.


Once you’ve created an account, work on your goals from anywhere by downloading our app from the App Store or Google play.

Welcome Kantask! Tasks without goals are only a collection of tasks.

Sébastien, CEO Ker

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