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100% Virtual CollaborationGone are formal bureaucratic structures, and flexible, virtual team-based designs are becoming the norm.

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Your virtual organization can build competitive advantages, as long as you integrate smoothly your remote teams to your internal workflows and projects. Teams involved in Kantask intuitively agree upon a structure and working approach. It’s immediately visible to everyone.

Gathering teams around

As your virtual teams succeed, your level of virtuality will grow. Your distributed teams will not only be spread out geographically, but sometimes in time, i.e. in different time zones. Face-to-face meetings are not an option and getting an instant overview of situations is important.

Visual workflow management and coordination
Research and practice points out that high tasks’ interdependence facilitates feelings of cohesion. Kantask is primarily about execution, i.e. who is doing what and how tasks relate to workflows and team members.
Clear roles and goals
Aligning teams is tough, even when they share physical facilities. This is exacerbated when digital means are prone to misunderstandings. Kantask avoids those pitfalls by making visible individual and collective goals, so remote employees can share a common sense of purpose.
A continuous flow of vital information
Virtual meetings should not be used to inform but to decide and resolve. Kantask maintains a continuous vital information flowing among your teams.

High performing teams

Kantask makes collective information visible so companies can build high performing teams and speedup their projects.
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Welcome Kantask! In any organization, teams from different units should always be able to coordinate their work.

Sébastien Perros, Founder & CEO Kerteam

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Free Version*100% Free Up to 3 Users, Forever
*No credit card required