Multiteam Collaboration
Kantask is a visual board to facilitate productive collaboration between and within teams. Kantask integrates your teams along your value chain.

Kantask is designed to streamline the processes of any kind of organization, in any industry. Creating a process, inviting members and starting to work is achieved within minutes. No learning curve, no maintenance and no hidden costs.
All Kantask's customers have access to our community and Help Center. A personalized support is immediately available per phone or chat.
The security and privacy of your personal, payment, and project information is very important to us. Kantask runs in a enterprise-grade hosting environment and we employ industry-standards means to protect your data. All plans include SSL ecryption.
Kantask provides a secure, easy to use API to access your organization's information or to link services and solutions such as Amazon, G Suite, Microsoft, Salesforce and other important softwares that may be part of your value chain.
Kantask provides a mobile application to be used when your team members are on the move. They can access and enter critical information from any Android or IOS smartphone.
Collaboration is infused in Parallel’s cultural identity and day-to-day operations.
Roberto Hernandez, CEO Parallel
    Kantask is adaptable
  • Customization
    Adaptation to any team's culture is essential to efective collaboration. Whether these differences are due to languages or specialties.
  • Optimization
    Kantask allows to discover and modify work flows among project members or teams. Focusing on processes along with their analysis improves the overall organization productivity.
  • Multiteam
    Seeing how multiples processes interact on a single interface increase efficiency, visibility and measurability for cross-teams collaboration.
Some features
See what's on the horizon for your tasks and projects.
Get updated about tasks progress without being assigned to it.
Powerful roles and privileges to keep privacy among teams or persons.
Assign tasks to selected persons.
Custom fields
Easy custom fields creation.
Work load
See how is the work distributed among team members.
Discover your cycles with a combination of filters to get the data you need.
Tag tasks stories with labels to organize them.
Manage flows through your process to match teams' development capacity.
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