Kantask for Teams

Teams with a common purposeStart building high performing teams to Align your organization.

Superior execution demands informed collaboration

By gathering teams around a single visual workspace, Kantask keeps your teams informed.

Common Goals

Setting individual or collective goals – visible to everyone – you share a common sense of purpose within your team, or between teams.


Analyzing your organization’s workflow, typical durations per types of tasks or assignments per team member, your teams get common grounds for progresses.

Key features for high performing teams
Teams’ integrations

Link processes or teams for real-time dynamic coordinations within members or between multiple teams in an organization.


A powerful roles system where you can create unlimited new roles and assign specific permissions to internal or external collaborators.


Assign tasks to internal or external members to keep them permanently informed of what’s next.


Create multiple private or public projects on a team’s workspace and visualize only the ones you select.

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Once you’ve created an account, you can update your cards from anywhere. The Kantask app is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

Welcome Kantask! In any organization, teams from different units should always be able to coordinate their work.

Sébastien Perros, Founder & CEO Kerteam

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