Product Kantask

Creation of visual workspaces
For multidisciplinary teams to plan, organize and collaborate.
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Simple steps

Create your boards
Create your boards based on your team’s process or project.
Create any kind of card
Customize your cards to reflect the message they carry.
Invite your teams
Start coordination within or between teams to see everyone’s progress come together.




Features to build high performing teams


Goals: Measure your progress using collective or individual goals.
Coordination: Connect your projects and teams.
Google Drive: Synchronize your documents with Google Drive.
Custom fields: Create meaningful fields related to your industry .
Calendar: See what’s on the horizon for your tasks and projects.
Assignee: Assign tasks across your members or teams.
Analytics: Get deeper insights about your rhythm.
Readers: Invite unlimited readers to your projects.
Time: Measure total time worked per project or type of task.
Mobile: Download the app from any app store and be mobile when needed.
Export: Export your boards and cards as a CSV format.
International: Kantask is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


Be together

Lyon, France
“Kantask has become an essential tool to link creative and development teams.”
Frédéric – eMarketing
San Francisco, USA
“Your product is well thought out, simple to use and is of great use to us.”
Darwin – CEO
Sao Paulo, Brazil
“Uma ótima ferramenta de gerenciamento de tarefas e projetos. A possibilidade de vincular equipes internas e externas é uma vantagem.
Alexandre – Start Up


Santiago, Chile
“Estamos muy contentos por la proactividad con la que han tomado nuestros desafíos en gestión.”
Gabriela – Líder de cuentas
Tokyo, Japan
Hiroko – Student
Sydney, Australia
“Kantask is small but sophisticated. We link our sales funnel to other teams. It’s valuable, useful and cheap.”
Peter – Commercial Director


Birmingham, UK
“Kantask increased my productivity by eliminating 50% of unneeded meetings.”
Karen – Product Manager
Johannesburg, South Africa
“Transparency is a must in any team, and that’s what I get from Kantask.”
Aimé – Team Leader
Kolkata, india
“The good thing about Kantask is that it can be used by generalists and specialists. It naturally eliminates cross functional boundaries.”
Jigar – IT Manager


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